5 Things for a memorable Maldives luxury trip

Situated in the Indian Ocean with mystic blue (or turquoise, depending on your seat in the plane) waters, Maldives is one of the most famous yet pristine tourist island nation. What sets it further apart during the current times is its No-Visa requirement for tourists (major relief for not so strong passport holders, phew!).

5 Things for a memorable Maldives luxury trip

Atolls, they are beautiful!

For this trip, I skipped my usual ‘Things To Do’ Google search. Maybe, because I knew if I tried going too far into the Ocean at night, the best I’d do would be to discover the trenches. Not recommended.

What I did know however, was that this exotic nation is known for its hospitality, opulence, and an extreme similarity to the warm South Asian culture. Armed with this deep knowledge, I set-off with my lovely wife to enjoy what I’d describe as one of the most restful vacations. But you need not just lay on the beach during your stay for this land has plenty for people to discover. So, before you scoot, here are things that you must:

1. Set your budget: Might sound like the first thing to do but Maldives can really squeeze your pockets through an array of upgrades. Resorts vary from comfortable to outright outlandish with varying degrees of self-sufficiency and sustainability. Depending on your cut, weigh your options carefully (whether to opt for a private pool, food or an activity package, buffet or a la carte, etc.). Generally, you can expect to stay in good real estate for USD 750–800 per night (food included).

Drinks by the sea-side depicting the beauty and natural opulence of Maldives
Can’t go wrong with the stay but too much opulence can turn Tina Rose into coolers

2. Seaplane over Boats: Maldives is equally astonishing both around and away from Male. However, to ensure you don’t miss capturing this jewel from the top (through your window seat 😊), pick an atoll slightly away from Male (for the still uninitiated, I am referring to the main international airport). Pick a resort that can be accessed via a seaplane and enjoy the views of multiple beautiful atolls on the way. The journey is generally 30–45 minutes and you get to be up, close and personal with Trans-Maldivian Airways’ 15-seater baby planes which are fairly comfortable for a short ride.

A Trans-Maldivian Airways’ plane set to take off!
Trans-Maldivian Airways has its own sweet charm

3. Mix of Beach and In-Water Villas: We stayed for five nights and concurred splitting the stay between beach and water villa was one of the best things we did. Beaches are as white as they come and the villas are majestically built to give you private beach access, made-for-couple open bathrooms, and piles of green to keep things private from your neighbours. There are plenty of corners to relax and the smaller things carefully arranged from a nail filer to well stocked mini bars to make you feel home. Water villas on the other hand are resplendent in the flowing ocean and truly an engineering marvel. A must-have experience, these villas come with the option of a private pool. I won’t recommend it because it is a must-have! Else, you would only have your partner’s eyes to drown in and chill. Not sure if that’s something you want to do for three days. Anyway.

Private beach in beach villa
Private beach with no noisy neighbours : )
Private pool in water villa
Private pool with sea as company : )

4. All-in Meal Packages: Most properties will offer basic to plus plus packages (remember the point on squeezing the pocket?) with notable trade-off being water activities for food. If you are the ‘sound of an old kayak fixed with a rotor turns me on’ type, sure, go ahead with a water activity package. For everyone else, an all-in food package should be the way to go. Sure, the non-motor water sports (even with sting ray feeding included 😊😊) might not feel enough, but paying for a motor water sport of your choice on need basis is sure going to be a better deal than paying for your food and drinks on all days in the resort. Especially when it includes a wide selection ranging from Mongolian to Italian to classic steak cuts to go with the whole repertoire of wines and coolers.

Food served with a variety of delicacies and drinks
It’s got all you can imagine!

5. Screen yourself from the sun: Another obvious one but remember carrying copious amount of sunscreen is going to save you a buck. And a red and flaky skin.

Strong Sun during day time
Summer Slam: Sun can get really harsh during day time

Another small point of note that is likely going to enhance the experience — unlike some other countries, Maldives does not ban any social media or video calling applications. On top, you have extremely generous staff willing to hold your phone and take some impressive pictures. Sometimes, even suggesting where and how to stand for the best clicks. You know where this is going.

All in all, Maldives is one heck of a getaway for people looking to disengage from city life and enjoy a no ‘Things To Do’ location. This might be a once in a year (or maybe, two) kind of destination competing with other exquisite choices of similar ilk, but nothing beats the convenience and comfort this place offers!


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